Dr.Frankenstein and his creature, Pictures from the upcoming movie!

Frankenstein- sledding

T.G.I. Frankenstein is proud to announce that some preview pictures for the upcoming movie Dr. Frankenstein and His Creature have recently been received. These pictures show some of the key moments in the movie and allows one to adventure into Frankenstein’s world.

This scene is the opening scene where we see the chase between Victor and the monster. It is a crucial part in the understanding of the story because it relates to the hate relationship that is established throughout the plot.

meeting with frankestein

This demonstrates the important conversation between Victor and the monster when they are sitting beside a fire. This scene shows the maturity that both characters have in relation to understanding the root of the hatred towards one and other.

hidding in the woods

This scene shows the impact that rejection has upon the creature. Thus, needing to conceal himself from the whole world because mankind cannot accept his differences.

Generosity- Frankenstein

The photograph shows the generosity that the creature has towards the cottagers. It allows one to realize that the creature is not horrible, but rather has a kindness towards humanity. However, the creature does not react with the same compassion towards Victor’s acquaintances.

By Anna-Lena Johanson


4 thoughts on “Dr.Frankenstein and his creature, Pictures from the upcoming movie!

  1. evelynerichardblog says:

    This is a very original and interesting way to present your interpretation of some passages of the novel. It is really nice that you took the time to take the pictures and to link them to some things in the book that you wanted to highlight and to explain.

    Very good job!
    Evelyne Richard

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