The Creature

The Creature also called the monster is one of the main character of Mary Shelley’s book. It was created by Victor Frankenstein at Ingolstadt.


His Story

The Creature of eight feet tall was created by Victor Frankenstein in an attempt to create a being similar to human. The Creature left his creator’s room after Victor ran away from him.

He took refuge in the wood where he experienced his first feelings and learned his first things. He encounters some people who were all terrified; the Creature decided to isolate himself for a while and found a shelter behind the cottage of a family called De Lacey. During many months, the Creature examined the cottagers which consisted of the old
blind man with his two children Felix and Agatha.

During those months, the Creature would come out of his shelter at night to help them with some daily duties. He also learned how to speak and how to read by observing this family. One day, when the children were out of the cottage, the Creature decided to try to create a friendship with his “protector” (Shelley 98).He then went to the cottage and
house-1044132_960_720.jpgtalked to the old man who could not see the Creature and was therefore not scared of him. When the children came back, they got scared and threw the Creature out of the cottage. After being thrown out of the cottage, the Creature decided to take vengeance on the humans especially Frankenstein.

On his way to seek vengeance from his creator, he kills William. He then encounters Victor and after telling him his story, ask him to create a female like him. At first Frankenstein refuses but he finally accepts to create a mate to the Creature. The Creature follows Victor in his travel to begins his work.

When Victor tells him that he will no longer try to create another creature, the Creature declares that he will do everything to make Victor miserable. He went to Ireland were he killed Henry Clerval and made Frankenstein look like the murderer. On the first night of Elizabeth and Victor’s honeymoon, the Creature killed Elizabeth.


Victor pursues the Creature in the Arctic Ocean in order to kill him.  Frankenstein is rescued on Robert Walton’s ship where he tells his story to the captain before dying. The Creature went into the ship to cry over his creator body and tells Walton that he wants to die. The Creature then jump off the boat and he was never seen since.



Creator: Victor Frankenstein

Direct victims: William Frankenstein, Henry Clerval and Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein.

Indirect victims: Justine Moritz

The cottager: The old blind man, Felix and Agatha De Lacey.

By Camille Bessette


5 thoughts on “The Creature

  1. razorsedgeslc says:

    The key to understanding and like a novel is to get the sense of all the background of it as you did perfectly Camille! I never thought the creature story was that complex and interesting with all the journey she and the hunter that was surprisingly also the creator have been through to finally disappear. Fascinating!

    Florence from razorsedgeslc

    Liked by 1 person

    • TGIFrankenstein says:

      I am glad that the post helped you understand a little bit more the novel. The story has been told in so many different ways with the medias that it is hard to know what is the real story of the Creature.


  2. groupesft says:

    Nice description of the Creature! It is complete and it goes in deep details. I will read your posts before the exam to refresh my mind.

    Continue your great work.

    Félix Tremblay

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Costa Marino says:

    A really well-described and concise description of Frankenstein’s monster. Without getting too much in the details and writing an excessively lengthy post, you were able to put in the necessary information that portrays the Creature. In addition, the pictures you added follows exactly the path of the Monster through the entire novel.

    Excellent work.

    Costa Marino

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thefrankybunch says:

    Very well-writen description on the monster. I used this before my exam to get the necessary information on the creature and refresh my memory. The pictures added protrayed the path of the monster in a clear way, that I’m sure was helpfull to most.

    Good job!

    Laura Polo


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