Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein is the main character of the book in which he tells his story to his rescuer Robert Walton. Victor is the creator of the monster we now know as Frankenstein which in reality does not have a name.

His Life:


Born in Geneva, he was the only child of Alphonse and Caroline for five years. While growing up, Victor read many books such as Agrippa, Paracelsus and Magnus.

He went to the University of Ingolstadt to study in chemistry. Through all the research he did for school, Victor realised that he would be able to give life to a being similar to a human. He decided to create a creature whose dimensions were “eight feet in height, and proportionally large” (Shelley 32).


When Victor saw the Monster alive, he got a nervous attack and was nursed by Clerval before he, a year and a half later, received the news that William is dead. He then returned to his family in Geneva to assist them after his brother’s death. On his way to Geneva, he met the Daemon he had created and realized that it is responsible for William’s death.

During a family trip, Victor went in the glacier and met the Creature once again; he is forced to listen to the Monster’ story. At the end of their conversation, Victor agrees to create a female Daemon in order to keep his family safe from the Monster.

After his promise, he left his family to travel so he could meet researcher that might help him to create the female. When Victor realized he did not want to do the same mistake twice, he told the Creature that he would not do it. In an excess of rage, the Monster killed Henry Clerval to punish his conceiver.


After being nursed and trialled in Ireland where they accused him of having killed Henry, Victor returned home where he married Elizabeth. During his honeymoon, Elizabeth got killed by the Monster and Victor promised himself to do everything he could to kill the Daemon.

While following the monster in the frozen artic ocean, Victor got himself stuck in the middle of the ice that had broken into pieces; he was saved by Robert Walton. Victor died on Walton’s ship after having told his story to his new friend.


Father: Alphonse Frankenstein

Mother: Caroline Frankenstein

Brothers: Ernest and William Frankenstein

Cousin, adoptive sister, wife: Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein

Best friend: Henry Clerval

Rescuer: Robert Walton

Creation: The Creature

By Camille Bessette


6 thoughts on “Victor Frankenstein

  1. Frederic Levesque says:

    A decent and very thorough summary of the book. Without adding too much detail and losing a clueless reader, you were able to get the main plot through without wasting too much time, so props to you! Furthermore, the inclusion of the list of more important characters really comes together to help the blog readers understand the content more easily.

    I do not think there is much to change as the length is fairly appropriate, and the essential details are there as well. Way to go, and keep up the good posts!

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  2. rosabel08 says:

    Wow great job! Excellent post presenting the main character of the story and the story in general as well. Your post is extremely complete but not too long to read and the pictures make the reading easier. It is a nice way to have a quick reminder before the test as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. camille gaudreau says:

    I looked at many blogs trying to seize the character’s personality and particularities and I most say that this post is the best one so far! I find it very precise and complete ! thank you for clarifying so many things about this character!

    Liked by 1 person

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