Henry Clerval

His story

man-2138962_960_720Henry Clerval was Victor’s best and only friend. Henry was the only child of a merchant and close friend to the family. Victor and Henry do not see each other from the departure of Victor to Ingolstadt to the night the Creature lived. Henry Clerval then cared for Victor through his first fever. Henry stayed in Ingolstadt after Victor’s departure to Geneva. Later, Henry accompanied Victor in his journey around Europe. Henry was murdered on a beach in Ireland by the Creature after Victor broke his promises to the Creature to create a female like him.



Father: M. Clerval

Friend: Victor Frankenstein

Murderer: The Creature

By Camille Bessette


2 thoughts on “Henry Clerval

  1. daphnedesnoyers says:

    Readers tend to forget about his character during the reading. However, if the character wasn’t present in Shelley’s novel I think the readers would describe Frankenstein as a total hermit. He is important to balance Frankenstein’s loneliness and social encounters.

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    • TGIFrankenstein says:

      You are totally right Daphne, even if Clerval is not the main character, he is definitely important in the image that the readers have of the main character ( Frankenstein ). Clerval makes Victor more human to the readers.

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