How Does One Turn ‘Evil’?

An individual is not born evil, but rather develops some malicious actions when certain factors come into play. For instance, neglect can establish a sense of loneliness. Especially if that neglect is directly related to another individual. For example, Victor neglects his creation which results in a negative outcome. Next, isolation can make someone commit an action that may not be justifiable to others. For example, the creature feels isolated from the world which makes him loath his maker. Subsequently, self-confidence may make others establish a predetermined opinion of someone. This may result to detesting one’s surrounding and creating a feeling of desperation for acknowledgement and acceptance. Thus, the creature seeks approval of appearance and is not granted this simple demand. Therefore, negative actions may lead one to exhibit a negative vibe and commit actions that are unforgettable.

By Anna-Lena Johanson


8 thoughts on “How Does One Turn ‘Evil’?

  1. thefrankybunch says:

    (Ryan)very good point of view, this helps the reader understand better how the monster turns into evil, as he is not born evil. it makes the reader think; might the “monster” be good under different circumstances? very well written, brings more insight on the book!

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    • TGIFrankenstein says:

      Thank you! It is so commonly believed that the monster was always ‘evil’, but yet when one reads the novel by Mary Shelley, one realizes that he had good intentions since his creation. The hash reality and circumstances that he must endure turns him evil.


  2. danycomeau says:

    I completely agree that all of those aspects can attribute to causing an individual to become “evil” but I also feel like an individual could be born with a certain chemistry in the brain that will cause them to naturally be a bit more “evil.” Great post, keep up the good work!

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  3. razorsedgeslc says:

    This blog post is very well written and provides important key elements! I like the fact that you bold important words. This is very useful and helped me to better understand where you wanted to put more importance to what you are explaining. Thank you!

    Alexane Drolet

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  4. Oliver Nourcy says:

    A very absorbing post. I always appreciate things that make you think. Human character is a complex phenomenon. This reminds of an essay I read years ago about human phycology. I remember an English teacher telling us that if you put good people in a bad situation, bad things will happen. Humans are never born evil, if left alone in nature, he will stay good. I believe everything changes when one is corrupted by a malicious outside environment that ultimately morphs us to become what we are.

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