Summary Chapter I & II

Chapter I

This chapter begins with a narration from Victor Frankenstein, who recollects his upbringing and his parents’ situation before he came to life. In fact, Victor tells that once upon a time, his father (Alphonse Frankenstein) was very fond of a man named Beaufort, a merchant, his most intimate friend. However, one day Beaufort fell into poverty and retrieved from the country he grew up with little money to provide for him and his daughter, Caroline Beaufort. As the months passed, he grew more and more sick, and his only daughter had to take care of him at the same time as making money to keep providing for both of them. When Beaufort died, Victor’s father made sure that Caroline was taken care of and that she was safe; two years later she would then become his wife. Victor’s parents loved one another dearly despite their age difference. Furthermore, they cared deeply for their son and educated him with love and patience. They were a very benevolent couple, they sought to help those in need. When Victor was a kid, his mother brought him to visit a cottage of the poor, where they found the occupants hard-working with barely enough to provide for all of the children they had under their care. Victor’s mother, who always wished to have a daughter, took a particular interest in one of the kids. She stood out from the others due to her beauty and demeanor. She was named Elizabeth Lavenza. Seeing as Elizabeth could aspire to better things if she were to live with the Frankenstein, the poor cottagers allowed the girl to leave with them. Finally, Caroline presented Elizabeth to Victor, who saw her as a present, and even though they refered to one another as cousin, he saw her as his: his to protect and love.

Chapter II

In this second chapter, Victor Frankenstein still talks about his childhood. He expresses the fact that Elizabeth and he lived a happy childhood without dispute, even though they had different interests. In fact, she was calm and concentrated, while he had an unconditional thirst for knowledge. Victor also speaks of the fact that once his parent got their third child, his seven years younger brother, they settled themselves in Geneva. There, Victor made the acquaintance of his closest friend named Henry Clerval.Victor, also, notes that he spent a lot of his time studying with ardour subjects such as the mysteries of heaven and the nature of things. As he grew into adolescence, Victor Frankenstein found a passion to natural philosophy after he read the works of Cornelius Agrippa. This subject is what influence Victor Frankenstein to commit the future actions that will be set forth in the following chapters.



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