Contest answers

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your participation to the contest it was a great success. Congratulation
to our winner: Anne-Frédérique Naud! There is still tickets available for those of you who wants to come to the skating show this weekend! The skaters are ready to present to you “Fais Moi Du Cinéma”. They have worked so hard for almost two months in order to give the best show possible.

In this post, I will post the answers to question 1 to 8 of the contest for those of you who wants to know where you might have loose your points!

Q1. What is the name of the Creature? Creature, Monster, Demon, No name, It, Villain, Evil. ( All of these answers were accepted )

Q2. Who created the Creature (full name)? Victor Frankenstein

Q3. How many brothers does Victor have? Two


Q4. How many sisters does Victor have? One adoptive sister or Zero

Q5. Where was Victor born? Geneva

Q6. Who did Victor marry? Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein ( or only Elizabeth ), His adoptive sister.

Q7. How tall was the Creature? Eight feet tall

Q8. Why did the old man in the cottage was not scared of the Creature? He was blind

 By Camille Bessette


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