Quiz – The Monster


Do you really know Mary Shelley’s monster ? 

Test your knowledge on the novel with this short quiz about the monster life and his motivations.


  1.  Why does the creature do not kill Victor?

a) They have a good relationship and he do not want to ruin it.

b) He wants something from him.

c) He is secretly in love with  him.

d) He is not physically able to.

2.  Why does the creature turns evil ? 

a) He is naturally evil…

b) Since people immediately thought he was evil, he decides to be evil.

c) He liked the feeling to kill someone even though it happen by accident.

d) He thinks the best way to take his revenge is to be evil.

3. Who was the monster’s first victim ? 

a) Justine

b) Elizabeth

c) Ernest

d) William

4.  How does the creature learns to read ?

a)  Victor taught him.

b) He already knew how to read because of his borrowed brain.

c) He learned by watching the Delacy family.

d) It came to him naturally.

5. What words best describe Victor’s creation ? 

a) Funny and intelligent

b) Satanic and heartless

c) Heroic and strong

d) Sensitive and vengeful

6. What is the creature’s reaction to Victor’s death? 

a) He feels relieved from all pressure

b) Determined to find a wife somewhere

c) He cries and feel guilty

d) He smiles

ANSWERS: 1. b), 2. b), 3. d), 4. c), 5. d), 6. c) 

By Jamie-Lee Valcourt 


6 thoughts on “Quiz – The Monster

  1. Myriam Dubé says:

    Hi Jamie-Lee!

    I love your quiz! This helps me to study for the exam because it reminds me of important elements about the novel. I think that the monster is vengeful, but that this feeling is engendered by all the rejections he encountered over his life. I believe he was born like this and that he could have been a very nice person if the society had accepted him.

    Keep up with the good work!


    Liked by 1 person

    • TGIFrankenstein says:

      I’m glad if this post helped you study for the exam ! Indeed, the monster was a really good man before getting hurt several times by the society. Did you know that he was rejected 7 times in the novel. After each rejection he still had hope to find one person who would accept him .. Until he lost hope in humanity.
      It is an heartbreaking story!

      Thanks for your comment Myriam 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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