Quiz – Victor Frankenstein

Do you really know Victor Frankenstein ? 

Test your knowledge on the Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein with this quiz on Victor Frankenstein.


  1. Victor Frankenstein was born in what city?

a) London

b) Zurich

c) Geneva

d) Naples

2.  Who is Victor’s “cousin” ?

a) Justine

b) Elizabeth

c) Ernest

d) Henry

3.  Where do Victor Frankenstein go away to study ?

a) London

b) Igolstadt

c) Indawlstad

d) Higlostade

4. Victor’s creation was made of ________ .

a) Animal and Human body parts

b) Steel and stone

c) Animal body parts

d) Human body parts

5.  Who did Victor marry?

a) Justine

b) Elizabeth

c) The housemade

d) Mrs Delacy

6. What are Victor’s final thoughts on the creature?

a)  He is a real monster who deserves to die.

b) The creature is not to blame; Victor is.

c) He should not have abandoned him.

d) All of the above

7. Who takes care of Victor when he gets sick ?

a) Elizabeth

b) Henry

c) Justine

d) William

8.  How long did Victor spend on making his first creation?

a) Approximately two months

b) One  year

c) One year and a half

d) Over two years

ANSWERS: 1. d), 2. b), 3. b), 4. a) 5. b), 6. c), 7. b), 8. d) 

By Jamie-Lee Valcourt


One thought on “Quiz – Victor Frankenstein

  1. Olivier Villeneuve says:

    I’ve just completed the quiz and I have to say that it is very complete for only eight questions! Very well searched questions that help us go back into the novel and memorize some key moments and descriptions before the exam. There are even some questions that I did not remembered!

    Good work and keep up the good pace!

    Liked by 1 person

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