Frankenstein: The complete summary

In this post, you will find a link to a Prezi presentation that I did to summarize the whole novel. This presentation presents detailed key elements of the story. I hope it will help you understand the novel and its sequence of events, or that it might help you study in prospect of a test. Here is the link, go check it out!

Frankenstein Summary Presentation



7 thoughts on “Frankenstein: The complete summary

  1. Frederic Levesque says:

    Cool way to present the summary!

    Sometimes when writing posts for a blog, people will often forget to be original, and that’s why we see so many text-only posts. I think that using a presentation like this is definitely a great way to present the summary of the book.

    Furthermore, after viewing your presentation, I do think you gave a very thoroughly and to-the-point summary of the book. Most people are looking for this when looking for a summary. By leaving out the details and giving basic information, this summary surely attracts readers to read the book!

    Great job, and keep up the posts 🙂

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  2. Noemie Asselin says:

    Nice way of stating the main events of the story!

    I think that is a great review before an exam if you want to go over quickly. I would go deeper into some of your explanation, but it is perfect for someone who did not read the book. It gives a brief overview for these future readers.

    I also like the way it is presented. A Prezi presentation is a nice way to present the information without boring the reader. It makes it more fun and professional.

    Thank! Good job again!


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