The most faithful movie adaptation of Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein, has inspired a large number of movies, series, songs, games, plays and more.  Even after two centuries, Shelley’s creature remained one of the most recognized monster.  However, only a small majority of people know the real story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster because the movie adaptations were not faithful to the original story. Except one movie…



Frankenstein was originally a TV miniseries of two episodes that was edited into a film in 2004.

Production: Hallmark Entertainment

RunTime: 169 min. (DVD)

It was based on Mary Shelley’s book and it is the closest adaptation to the original novel I ever watched.

The principal elements I liked to find in the movie are listed below:

1- How the creature was depicted. 

The eloquence and the the plaintive voice of the creature demonstrate to the audience that he is more than just a monster…He has a heart and a soul. Luke Goss who played the monster made me felt sympathy for the monster.

2- The creature was rejected five times by the society in the movie.

I appreciate the fact that the producer decided to present at least five out of the seven rejections found in the novel because these are crucial scene that demonstrate the beauty of the “monster” and the ugliness of the society.

The 7 rejections:  

  1.Victor     2. The hermit    3. The villagers    4. DeLacey family

 5. The drowning girl’s father     6. William Frankenstein 7. Victor (again)

3-  The presence of Captain Walton. 

Walton is an important character that is rarely in the movie adaptations of the novel. He actually represents a version of Victor Frankenstein who leans from his mistakes. At the beginning,  Walton did not care of how many people would die during his quest, but after listening to Victor’s horrific story, he decided to change is selfish mentality.

(You can have access to the  complete french version of movie on Youtube)

By Jamie-Lee Valcourt 


“Frankenstein (TV Mini-Series 2004– ).” IMDb., n.d. Web. 07 May 2017.


3 thoughts on “The most faithful movie adaptation of Frankenstein

  1. thefrankybunch says:

    I watched this movie a few years back and after reading the novel, I have to agree with the fact that it is indeed a faithful movie adaptation. The elements you pointed out are very well those thats most ressemble Mary Shelley’s novel.

    Keep up the good work!

    Laura Polo

    Liked by 1 person

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