The Captain’s Reaction


Why didn’t the captain shoot the monster when he had the chance? Why didn’t he perceive the beast that Victor had described to him? Why did he display compassion and yet, gave the murderer a speech about his past actions? The captain’s reaction when witnessing the creature looking down upon the dead body of Victor is unusual compared to previous reactions observed by previous characters in the novel by Mary Shelley. The captain’s conduct towards the creature portrays a monster that may yet have a bit of humanity found within him. Is their hope for goodness yet in the creature?


boat captain '

By Anna-Lena


One thought on “The Captain’s Reaction

  1. Thomas Simpson says:

    Hey Al, your questions in response to the conclusion of the novel is very insightful. I also had the same puzzling confusion as to why Robert didn’t follow through with his friend’s dying wish. But I believe he did this because there was some form of doubt inside Robert in response to Victor’s story. Think about it, you could love a friend very deeply, but would you believe them 100% if they said they saw a ghost?
    Perhaps Robert was just happy to have a friend, regardless of his crazy story. But when he really sees the Monster in person, I believe he goes into shock. He is so star struck and in awe by the creature’s presence that he couldn’t dream of destroying it before getting some answers. In the end, I believe Robert sympathizes with the creature and decides to let it end its own life, regardless if it went against what Victor wanted.


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