Victor as a Weak Character

At every challenge that Victor must confront, he demonstrates a deteriorating personality to readers. He creates life and the anguish of his action brings sickness upon him in which Henry must care upon. I quote “[this] was the commencement of a nervous fever, which confined me for several months” (Shelley 38).  After gaining some personal acceptance with his actions, he decays anew with the death of his brother and Justine. “[A] weight of despair and remorse pressed on my heart… [t]his state of mind preyed upon my health” (Shelley 61).

Mer_de_Glace_4Seeking solitude, he leaves for the North and encounters his creature. They part ways with an agreement that Victor shall not uphold. Thus, with the challenge of creating life again, Victor fails because he believes he is doing humanity a favor. Thus, he destroys his second creature and leaves on a boat.sadness and weak

During this small journey, Victor feels the pain of hardship, but he quickly finds the shore of Ireland. Here, he is accursed of the death of his friend Henry, and he sinks into madness anew. I quote “I [laid] for two months on the point of death” (Shelley 130). Then, the death of Elizabeth and his father again brings decay and sadness upon his character. “I lost sensation and chains and darkness were the only objects that pressed upon me” (Shelley 147). Afterwards, he seeks revenge and cannot kill the beast as the weight of sadness retains him to the bed of the vessel. “Frankenstein has daily declined in health: a feverish fire still glimmers in his eyes; but he is exhausted, and, when suddenly roused to any exertion, he speedily sinks again into apparent lifelessness” (Shelley 159).

boat captain 'Therefore, at every difficult moment that Victor is challenged with, he cannot deal with the pain and hardship that accompanies events such as these. I am not saying that he is weak for showing pain, because these events are heartbreaking and it is only human to feel pain. But, if one was to compare Victor to his daemon, one may realize that both characters had agonizing moments and that both had a lot of weight upon their shoulders. The daemon suffered “hours and months of misery” (Shelley 165). The difference is that the creature had more strength to endure the misery cast upon him by his nemesis.

By Anna-Lena Johanson


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