T.G.I.Frankenstein – A blog created by four students in the context of a college level English novel course. As a collective, we (Amélie, Anna-Lena, Camille & Jamie-Lee) will write various blog posts that will cover various aspects of Frankenstein, a novel written in 1818 by Mary Shelley. We plan to share with you our analysis of the book through the mean of videos, pictures, drawings, and of course texts. As an assignment we had to create this blog to show our understanding of the novel and to promote a fictional movie. The idea of the movie is fictional, but the aspects that are written or spoken about in those posts are our real understanding of the material. We hope you will like what we write about, and that what we share with you will help you grasp the various pieces of the puzzle that is Frankenstein.



Amélie Pelletier


Anna-Lena Johanson

Camille - Ah!Eeehhe

Camille Bessette


Jamie-Lee Valcourt