Important Announcement – T.G.I.Frankenstein Lovers

ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!  We are sorry to announce that the T.G.I.Frankenstein blog is coming to an end. [ [ [      May 10, 2017     ] ] ] On this date, no more blog posts will be added. However, until then, we will still be available to reply to your comments and some new … Continue reading Important Announcement – T.G.I.Frankenstein Lovers


Parallel between Victor &the Creature in isolation

Throughout the novel the theme of isolation has been developed from A to Z. Readers were able to observe what isolation can do to a person based on Shelley's characters' development. In fact, Victor's most poised moments are recollected in isolation and isolation is what created the evil concept in the Monster to begin with. … Continue reading Parallel between Victor &the Creature in isolation

The most faithful movie adaptation of Frankenstein

Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein, has inspired a large number of movies, series, songs, games, plays and more.  Even after two centuries, Shelley's creature remained one of the most recognized monster.  However, only a small majority of people know the real story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster because the movie adaptations were not faithful … Continue reading The most faithful movie adaptation of Frankenstein


In this post, there will be many pictures showing places and important events in the creation of the novel or important places visited in the novel. Image 1: Draft of Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley herself. In this picture, we can see the part in which Victor gives life to his creature. Image 2: Mary … Continue reading Pictures

“Teenage Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper Teenage Frankenstein is a song written in 1986 by Alice Cooper. The song tells the story of a teenager who seems to reflect the personality and physical appearance of Victor's monster also known as "Frankenstein".  Like the creature, the kid seems to have a complex about his physical appearance because he differs from the … Continue reading “Teenage Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper